Case Study


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  • Moova is a digital platform that captures idle logistics capacity and transforms it into highly efficient and cost-competitive package delivery solutions, enabling same-day shipments.
  • The brand has its own technology to carry out its operations, as well as its own license in different forms and territories.
  • They build a community that creates a network and provides the best alternative for last mile services.

The Assignment

  • Humanize the brand by showing the people behind it; demonstrate the product by showing how the technology works; and position the brand by showing real stories.
  • Create awareness and normalize conversations through education and entertainment.
  • Boost preference for Moova services and promote the understanding of brand differentiators.
  • Emphasize and empathize with target audiences.
  • Increase brand engagement, conversations, and search/social trends.
  • Connect with ambassadors, influencers, social discourse, sentiment, and brand tracking.
  • Track the purchasing process that comes from social media.

The Work

  • Phase 1: We set out to find a more competitive brand positioning by monitoring competitive behavior and communications.
  • Phase 2: We created a strategic plan and data by following the monthly content workflow based on the brand, positioning, and pillars.
  • Phase 3: Developed creative content aligned to the plans of other agencies.
  • Phase 4: Generated monthly reports, performance analysis, and new opportunities for Moova.
  • Moreover, we empowered audiences through all channels to increase the community and the conversions. We put our focus on the agility to make optimizations and take actions that make a difference, making clear demographic measurements that enable valuable reporting and finding knowledge that drives the discovery of additional insights.
  • Finally, we used a scientific approach to maximize the reach of hashtags. Some of the points of the strategy were finding the optimal number of hashtags per post, not using several words together nor spaces and using relevant and specific terms.


  • As a result, our audience was able to easily find the brand; we added depth to our posts and created our brand identity.
  • To follow up, it was important to monitor the effectiveness of the hashtags, compare them with the competition, and use specialized tools to find what works best with the brand.
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Content creation, Paid Media, Social Media, Motion Graphics
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