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  • The world is increasingly becoming borderless as people engage in daily activities (education, work, entertainment, commerce, etc.) without being limited to their location.
  • To address the financial needs of contemporary society, Utoppia —a US-based company— offers a global fintech solution that provides access to a bank account in the United States for non-U.S. residents.
  • Utoppia is growing its global footprint, already present in Latin America and on track to offer services in more than 30 countries by the end of 2022.

The Assignment

  • Help Utoppia position its brand for the first time in the LATAM market.
  • Obtain target leads prior to the official app launch.


  • We used the SMART methodology to set our goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.
  • Our objective was to generate 15,000 leads and reach 1,000 active users prior to going to market.

The Work

  • HolaHello was already familiar with the Utoppia brand, having partnered with the company since day one. We created their logo and brand identity guidelines, and understood their target audience, competitors, and market conditions. This allowed HolaHello to set clear objectives and create a concrete action plan.
  • We developed the landing page, following SEO alignments and copywriting, and the same for the APP; producing a social media strategy and following its performance, designing a smart survey and interview in Latin America, and creating a debit card.

Landing Page

  • The landing page incorporated integrated technology (Viral Loops) which allowed us to include a waiting list that captured qualified leads, the main objective of the site.
  • We set up the waiting list and pushed users to refer their friends, offering different benefits as an incentive to do so.
  • The site was built with the secondary, but important, objective of creating product awareness and interest prior to the launch, developing a sense of belonging as a foundation to create a community in the future.
  • Prior to going live, we set up different SEO guidelines, setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, a preferred domain (, SEO tags, and verifying the landing page structure to identify duplicate content.
  • We began to create the website on January 4th 2022. By May 24th, we had already built the internal structure and SEO, created the functionality of viral loops and leader board, set the copywriting and storytelling of the main page, designed the mobile and desktop version of the website, and developed the QA and adjustments upon feedback. The same was done for the APP.

Media Campaign

  • We also set up a media campaign targeting Utoppia’s user profile: people with clear financial needs looking to use their money without any restrictions and invest it freely.

Social Media

  • We developed a social media strategy that entailed weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, varying between the content: posts and stories about the brand, financial solutions, wish list, savings, and the borderless experience.
  • We also used Facebook to launch a campaign to test the website.


  • Within period of time from launch, the Utoppia site obtained 15,000 leads and positioned the brand via a smooth and successful user experience.
  • “The support, commitment and technical knowledge of HolaHello’s team was fundamental for building a site that allowed us to achieve our objectives of positioning and lead generation before officially launching the app.”
    Stefano Angeli, Utoppia founder & CEO.
Branding, Website, Content creation, Social Media, Paid Media
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