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  • LATV is more than a media company, it is a direct link to the growing voice of the Latino experience.
  • As the original alternative, and only remaining Latino-owned TV network in the Hispanic television space, LATV has established itself as a pioneering network, a trend-setting brand, and an innovative content hub.

The Assignment

  • Create news articles, content generation, and follow SEO alignments for organic brand positioning.
  • Boost organic traffic through a SEO strategy focused on optimizing site content generation efforts.
  • Include the LGBTQ+ community in our network, especially members with Latino roots.
    • It is important for HolaHello to show the existing diversity, not only among the celebrities featured in news outlets, but in our own community.

The Work

  • With journalists and writers from all around Latin America and the U.S., we connected and expanded the network throughout the continent, reaching America with Latino stories.
  • The themes of the content we generated are mainly based on entertainment and show business, such as music, movies, and soap operas. However, we also expanded our range and coverage with other news such as sports, politics, culture, fashion, lifestyle and even food.


  • By developing LATV’s SEO strategy, we positioned the media company among the highest ranks. Not only did we secure our audience, but we expanded it, helping new users to get to know the brand.
  • We defined specific keywords, terms, hashtags, techniques, and strategies that put LATV “out there,” making it organically appear on the main search engines.
  • In July 2021, we began at a baseline of 4,500 users generated by organic traffic. After 17 months, by October 2022, we increased the number by 461%, reaching 25,000 users.
  • Also, within a 12-month period, organic impressions grew from 234,000 to 916,000 (keyword usage increased from 3,138 to 21,323.
  • Our 15 top articles created prior to July 2022 helped drive more than 60% of organic traffic.
  • The #1 content piece for the period reached almost 300,000 impressions and about 15,000 clicks.
  • New content also yielded positive results: in less than five months they achieved 615,916 impressions (+20%) and 18,249 clicks (+30%).
  • Content pieces about current trends also solidified LATV’s relevance as key player of contemporary culture:
    • Three articles about the “El Rey” Netflix series racked up over 500,000 impressions in three months.
    • The Bad Bunny Phenomenon:
      • After having just 450 daily impressions from the artist’s name, LATV peaked in September as the 9th result from his searches. Since then, daily impressions have grown to 1,240.
      • Organic traffic has shown better on-page engagement. It increased by 22%, and the average session duration grew by 52 seconds.
  • The success of this effort led LATV to reach out once again to HolaHello, this time to develop their social media strategy, web design, and paid positioning.
    • To that end, we increased the amount of content, developed SEO articles responding to a long-term strategy, leveraged on data insights, created dashboards and automated reports, and implemented a 360° approach to content strategy, aligned with social media and paid efforts.
  • Overall, the content HolaHello generated for LATV helped position the network as a pioneering and rising Latino-based company.
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